Why Holistic Journey?


As your coach my goal is for you to see results and to help you reach your goals surrounding your health as it relates to digestion,food choices, nutrition and stress levels,. Having had chronic health issues on and off, I know first hand how frustrating, confusing and overwhelming all of the information about food, diets, and stress can be.  But I have also seen remarkable results with diet and mindset changes.  Identifying key stress points and clearing them is also critical for healing.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  Seeing remarkable changes in your mood, digestion, energy and other issues is our mission. You don’t have to suffer with the same symptoms and conditions for the rest of your life. It’s time to uncover what’s going on and implement realistic changes in to your life to start to see a difference. You will be given clarity, direction and support while you see results and begin to heal.

About Wendy

For over twenty years I have been passionate about natural healing modalities.  What started out as an ongoing quest to improve my own on again, off again health issues led me to study many modalities.  This includes homeopathy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and eventually becoming a certified Eating Psychology Coach, also called a Mind Body Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  I know first hand how difficult being sick can be and to not know where to turn to find answers.  I’ve seen amazing results in my own health and with those I have worked with and I want you to also.  I’ve put together a comprehensive program to help you overcome digestive complaints, anxiety, fear, doubt and weight issues also.  We will get to the core of what’s going on physically, mentally and emotionally and begin to clear the blocks to you achieving your greatest health. You don’t have to search anymore, I’ve done the work, you don’t have to.  Don’t spend another day researching another diet or protocol.  I will explain in detail how the program works so that you feel comfortable and ready to start a new chapter in your life. Contact me today.


I work with clients in person at the Barrington, IL office, over video chat or phone.  I offer a free phone call or in person meeting to explore your needs, and explain how we can bring about the results you desire and deserve.

Please call 847-381-7139  for more information about how we can work together toward your health goals.  If you prefer, you may also email info@holisticjourney.org .


Mission Statement:  To provide a comfortable space for you to feel heard with compassion and understanding. You will be provided with tools, techniques and information to help you overcome your digestive complaints, anxiety, fear and weight issues and live the health freedom life you were meant to live.