by | Apr 22, 2021

Have you ever had something really important or heavy on your mind that you wanted to tell someone? Of course you have.  What’s interesting about this is that you may scan your mind of all the people you know, thinking of the person who would be receptive to what you have to say.  You think about the reactions, judgements, and consequences of telling certain people. You know exactly how each person will react to what you have to tell them. Then hopefully you will think of exactly the person who will give you the space to tell your story, experience, situation, or feeling. The interesting thing about having something important to tell is that you have to go to the soul who will support you.  The person who will listen, really listen, without interrupting or asking questions while you are telling your story.  Sometimes this person is difficult to find.  If you have it in a partner, close friend, family member then you have hit the jackpot.

There’s a sense of relief, validation and acknowledgement when you are given the space to explain your story, situation or experience in the company of someone who lets you completely unload without it ever being about them.  Being acknowledged, heard and understood is a gift. If you are that person who allows someone you know to explain what is on their mind, in a safe space, then you are a gift to humanity.  People think it’s hard to not interject their point, give an opinion, release a gasp or ask a question, but actually it just takes practice and conscious breathing to be an active listener. 

I acknowledge you in whatever you are going through, whatever feeling is consuming you at this time, whatever thoughts are circulating in your mind. I acknowledge and honor what you have been through, what you are currently experiencing and what you will release on your journey through being acknowledged, heard, understood and supported.

Peace, health and love

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