Done waiting.

by | Jun 28, 2021

Do you ever feel like you are in a perpetual state of waiting? Waiting for that new job to surface, your relationships to improve, that business you started to take off, your children to be more appreciative of you, your symptoms to clear up. It goes on and on and it’s kind of like waiting for there to be no more bills, no more weeds in your garden, no more meals to clean up after and no more physical exercising to complete. It’s not going to happen until we are on the other side, and who knows, maybe those situations exist there too.

Being in a state of waiting is stressful on the psyche, because that’s just it, you are waiting for something or someone to change. Your power and energy is out there and not in the now. We are human and it’s very normal and understandable to want circumstances to change and to want to control the timeline of when those changes occur. But if we are in a constant state of  waiting, we aren’t in a state of being. Our present moment is in the future and not in the moment we are in right now. There is no blame or shame in feeling like we are waiting for our lives to change, it’s a matter of being aware that we are pushing our dreams out ahead of us, when often big things happen over a period time and not overnight.

We can take small steps towards achieving our dream each day. Maybe it’s getting the name of someone you heard was hiring in a field you would like to work in or it’s reading a book about how to improve your marriage that you heard about on a podcast. It could be talking to a friend who you know has a contact of someone who lives in an area you have considered moving to. Maybe you have decided to go back to school to get a degree and you requested information from the schools you are interested in. There are many ways to release the feelings of always waiting for things to change and one of those is by action. No matter how small the action may seem , you are moving toward your goals and the feeling of waiting for something to change or happen dissipates. Acknowledging each action step is important. Often we gloss over the steps we have taken and go back to focusing on the next thing to do. For example, waiting to hear back from someone, for the perfect job to land in our lap, seeing immediate improvement in our relationships, dropping ten pounds in a day. Things happen exactly when they are supposed to happen and not any sooner. 

You can ask the universe for what you want, and taking conscious, calm and supportive steps will ease the feeling of waiting for life to change. When you do, you are in the moment again and you have moved one step closer to your desire, dream or wish. Once you have taken a step or steps in the direction of where you want to go and you have acknowledged your efforts and energy that has gone into this, let the universe take it from there. The universe knows which events, people and circumstances will guide you to the next steps.  Attaching an outcome to your effort will create stress and allows the waiting game to creep back in to consciousness. Take action, but go easy on yourself by recognizing what you have accomplished and let the universe work it’s magic by helping you to realize your dreams and release the need to feel like you are waiting for results. What do you feel like you have been waiting for?

Peace, health and love

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