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health and wellness coaching for those who know that  chronic illness is not just physical

 it’s emotional,mental and spiritual too


It’s all about balance. 

 Creating balance in our lives is the essence of living a fulfilled life. When we are out of balance in any area , we strive to correct this quickly.  Imbalance can take form in a poor diet, a stressful job, relationship problems and of course chronic health issues. Once we have a chronic health condition, life has been out of balance for a long time.  Because it is estimatd that 60% – 80% of visits to the doctor’s office are caused by stress, that is where the focus begins at Holistic Journey. Identifying and addressing the stress in your life is the foundational “big rock” on the bottom of the structure called your life.  We get to the root of stress primarily with the energy psychology technique EFT, or as it’s commonly called, Tapping. With this easy tool, changes can be felt physically, emotionally, and mentally almost instantaneously. This technique reduces and eliminates stress in the body, mind and spirit quickly, easily and effectively. 

Food as nurturing friend.

We eat every day most of the time, so the choices you make are very important. Food is a powerful tool to help you reduce your symptoms of chronic illness, inflammation, and toxicity. Your diet doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or time consuming  to prepare.  We will look at what you eat on a regular basis and see where you could be getting more nutrition, energy and satisfaction from your food choices.  You don’t have to feel deprived when you change your diet and it doesn’t have to be a total elimination of what you already eat.  A gentle transition into eating nutrient dense foods is best for long term results. Healthy foods will become your first choice.


Putting everything together.

When you are suffering from a chronic illness, you know at some point that something deeper is going on and that you have to make changes in your life. Eliminating ongoing stressors and making realistic changes in your diet, will allow you to leave your synptoms behind and start to put a new health picture together. Movement is also part of a healthy picture. The focus at Holistic Journey is identifyling and eliminating underlying stressors that are making your symptoms worse, improving diet and integrating all of this into new habits that fit your lifestyle and give your body a chance to heal on a deeper level.  Small changes can yield big results over time.  Connecting the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual puzzle pieces of your life will create the transfomation you are seeking, the health you deserve  and the self love your soul has been waiting for.   



A New Energy

Everything is energy. The food you eat, the liquids you drink, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the people you have in your life, the environment you live in and the air you breathe.  They all have an energy to them and chronic illness does also.  The energy of illness feels negative, stuck and unbalanced. It can feel heavy, painful and frustrating.  When you are open to discovering what is at the core of this energy, what it’s trying to tell you and really begin listening to your body, you allow your nervous system to relax, regenerate and restore a new you. The energy of love is a part of this process.  Cultivating love, compasssion, and understanding  for who you were in the past, who you are now and who you want to become opens a gateway to freedom from illness, emotional and mental turmoil and spiritual suppression. A new light energy is among us, and you are a part of it.  Let the healing energy of today allow you to begin your new journey.   

A New You

There are many reasons why people become chronically sick. We blame ourselves, others, circumstances, society, the economy, and on and on, but that only serves to keep us stuck.  When we  authentically seek answers and know that we will willingly make changes in order to heal, the universe has a way of guiding us to exactly what we need. Light is shed on areas of our lives that need attention, alterations, or eliminations. This may at times feel overwhelming, exhausting and futile, but with patience, support, and a belief in the possiblity of a new, healthy you, the idea of feeling better becomes reality.  There are no coincidences. You are here for a reason. It’s not to be sick. Whether you have been chronically ill for a few months or decades, the inner voice in you has beckoned you to follow your intuition.  You’ve taken the first step already. The time is now and you are here to be the person you came here to be. Healthy, grounded and free.  

Freedom is here and your future is now. 

No one has a story or journey exactly like you. If you have been struggling with a chronic illness and all of the associated stress that goes with that, including not knowing what to eat, you have found the support you have been looking for.

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Meet Your Coach

Wendy Lauritsen

Wendy has studied healing modalities and techniques for over twenty-five years because of her own debilitating and challenging health issues.  She became a certified Eating Psychology Coach (also called a Mind Body Eating Coach) which combines powerful nutritional guidance, psychology, mind  body principles,  and spirituality for a holistic approach to diet, food and health.    She also uses EFT Tapping in her practtice because stress plays such a major role in how we feel ,  our abiltiy to get to the core of our symptoms and  heal on a deep level.  Identifying and clearing stuck energy created by stress  was instrumental in resolving her own health issues and she has seen amazing results in those she has had the honor of working with.   Reach out to explore how she can help you get to the root of what is going on with your chronic illness  by integrating diet and  nutritional information, stress reduction, and the spiritual meaning behind it all.