Reources and Information to Help You on Your Healing Journey

Here is some interesting information about the physiologic stress response and why addressing stress is a key component to the program at Holistic Journey.

If you feel chronically stressed all the time, here are some biological, chemical and physiological changes that are occurring inside your body:

  • Decreased nutrient absorption
  • Decreased oxygen
  • Decreased good intestinal bacteria
  • Decreased salivation and hydrochloric acid
  • Decreased thyroid hormone, growth hormone and sex hormones
  • Decreased brain function
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased inflammation
  • Increased digestive disorders
  • Increased stress hormones
  • Lowered immunity

You don’t have to feel stressed all the time.  Call today to find out how you can reduce your stress using a simple and effective technique so you don’t have to suffer with the above conditions any longer!

Check out the Health and Wellness Forum!  The next one is January 2020 in Chicago!

These forums are a great way to meet health and wellness providers all in one place.  I did a demonstration of EFT Tapping for the WI event to help attendees feel calmer and centered.  If your corporate meetings start to feel like a blur because of unhealthy food, lack of movement and no fresh air for hours or days on end then you will want to check out the Healthy Network of providers.  They provide great tools and information to make your next corporate meeting, event or conference healthier, invigorating and interesting.  Anyone can attend these events, and if you are a meeting planner you really don’t want to miss this forum.

See their description and visit at

MeetingHealthy is a company that provides a HealthyNetwork of wellness providers & suppliers. We provide a network of resources to deliver wellness onsite. We can provide health & wellness providers in any destination for your meeting, conference or event. 

We host the annual Health & Wellness Forum. The HWF will showcase the HealthyNetwork LIVE so you can experience all the resources first hand.