How to know if you are having a spiritual awakening.

by | Aug 18, 2021

Every person’s awakening is unique. Sometimes we don’t even know we are having one and that can be unsettling to say the least. When you don’t know that you are having an awakening you can feel shocked, overwhelmed, and uncertain about everything.

Here are some indications that you might be having a spiritual awakening. This isn’t all inclusive, but it can give you an idea of some common signs to look for to know if this is what you are experiencing.

  • You look at life differently and/or question everything about life, why you’re here, what you’re doing here, what your life’s purpose is, etc.
  • You just feel different and you don’t know why.
  • You’ve started to wonder about God, source and the universe and why we are here.
  • You start to feel like you have been living a robotic life.
  • You wonder what you have been doing your whole life and if this is all there is.
  • You have a desire to explore spiritual subjects and this is new for you.

Here are some life events that can put you into and initiate a spiritual awakening. Again, this is not all inclusive:

  • You have had several difficult events occur all at once.
  • You had an accident or injury that really set you back possibly with a long recover.
  • You had one or several near death experiences.
  • You were diagnosed with a disease.
  • A loved one was diagnosed with a disease or you took care of someone for an extended time.
  • You went through the breakup of a partnership or a divorce.
  • You had family or friend turmoil, betrayal or disconnection.
  • You lost your home.
  • You went through financial loss.
  • You lost your job, whether expected or not.
  • You lost a loved one or multiple people and pets.  
  • You feel like you are walking around in a haze of disbelief at everything that has happened.

These are some very common signs or experiences of things that can make you wonder if you are having a spiritual awakening. You don’t have to have any of these things happen to you to have an awakening. I have heard of people who felt like their usual self one day and then the next they felt different. This is fine. However you wake up is the way your soul intended it to be. My awakening was very difficult and I experienced many of the above signs and situations. I didn’t know what was happening and it took me a year or more to actually know what was going on. My goal is to help you identify if you are having one, give you tools and information to navigate it, and support you along the way so your soul can do the work it came here to do. You don’t have to suffer endlessly with not knowing what is happening, how to manage it or be fearful that it will never end.  What started your spiritual awakening?  How did you know you started to have one?

Peace, health and love.

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