The new energy may be opening you up to more spiritual moments.

by | Jun 7, 2021

The energy on the earth is expanding, evolving and shifting to a new level of awareness. This can allow us to experience emotionally intense moments and a greater sense of connection to others and our environments. Here are examples of some moments that you may be feeling more deeply recently. Some appear to be ordinary and others are once in a lifetime events. 

Is it walking in nature, stopping to admire the amazing beauty of a flower? Is it watching your cat walk toward you with determination in her eyes, knowing she will soon be in your lap, connecting with the stillness in you because she insists on some affection and love. Is it observing your toddler giggle over a cartoon when he isn’t aware you are watching him? Is it seeing your teenage daughter come down the stairs with her first prom dress on? Is it saying goodbye to your son when you drop him off at college for the first time? Maybe it’s seeing the anticipated look in your spouses eyes when he’s given you a birthday gift that he’s planned for a long time. It could be the deep but brief and painful glance at your mother-in-law as the casket is closed on her husband. Is it watching your father gaze at the birds outside a window, knowing that cancer is invading his body? Maybe it’s when you’re smiling at your dog smelling the air blowing toward his face wondering what exactly he is smelling. It could be a moment of awe and gratitude for the colors and nutrients of the food you are preparing for dinner. Is it when there is a gathering of family or friends and the energy feels joyfully elevated which creates an undeniable bonding?

These examples may make you feel sad, joyful and everything in between as often is the case when we are very present in the moment. When these experiences show up, some will shy away from acknowledging the existence of such moments, afraid of how vulnerable it makes them feel. Others will allow tears to flow, but feel uncomfortable and yet others will know in their hearts that these are special moments to be embedded in their memories and carved into their hearts.

Breathing slowly and consciously will not only bring you into the present immediately,  it will calm your nervous system. It allows you to more fully engage in moments like the above from a spiritual level that will expand how you see and experience the world, and open you to the new energy that is already here for you to embody. Have you felt like you are more in the present moment recently, maybe in the last year or several years now? What have been some of your spiritual moments?

Peace, health and love

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